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Casting “Kippers Kipling.” Synopsis: A post-colonial adaptation of Don Quixote, adapted from Toye Oladinni’s award-winning short story. A University of Oxford Student reads one too many British Empire history books while isolating at his girlfriend’s house as Coronavirus rages through the country. He escapes through the window, steals her horse, and sets out toward London in an attempt to re-colonise Iffley, and its surrounding domains, with the help of a homeless man on a bicycle.

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Role Details

Role No. 1

Role Title: Shop keeper

Role Description:

Production states: “This is a day role, which would only require two or three hours of filming maximum. The role is a sensitive one – we are looking for a Pakistani/Indian/South Asian male, ideally over 40, to play a shop keeper for a convenience store in Iffley. The protagonist of the film will attempt to steal an apple from the outside of the shop, at which point the shopkeeper will emerge in anger, attempting to shoo him away. A series of uncomfortable events will proceed, I thought it necessary to warn that the shopkeeper will be met with derogatory and racially charged language. The protagonist will then hand a contract, written in Latin, to the shopkeeper and then force him to sign it, despite the shopkeeper being obviously reluctant to sign something he cannot understand. If we decide to have physical contact on this scene, be assured that there will be a combat specialist on set to direct all rehearsals.

“This is a student production, so we are obviously trying to keep the budget to a minimum. I am happy to pay travel expenses and lunch for the day of the shoot. Having said this, I acknowledge the level of professionalism needed for a sensitive role such as this, so would not be adverse to paying, instead of travel expenses, £10 an hour for 2 or 3 hours of shooting.”
Ethnicity: South Asian / Indian

Gender: MALE

Age Range: 40 To 70

Cloth Size Range: Array To Array

Height Range : ANY To Array

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