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Casting “Gossamer.” Synopsis: A couple’s weekend in the hills goes off track when they have to share their walkers’ hut with an eccentric resident. It’s the end of the summer when Ethan and Sam head into the lakes for the weekend looking for some quiet time together. On arrival, they encounter Isaac – an eccentric elderly resident who has made their bothy of choice his temporary home. Over the course of the day they must navigate this unexpected third-wheel’s quirks while discovering more about his unusual circumstances. By nightfall, a rapport has formed between the three unlikely bunk-mates, one that puts them in an odd position when, in the early hours of Sunday morning, Isaac’s family come knocking.

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Role Details

Role No. 1

Role Title: Issac (lead)

Role Description:

an eccentric retiree who decides to leave his repetitive life and set himself up in a walkers hut in the lakes to paint after learning of a bad diagnosis.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Gender: MALE

Age Range: 60 To 100

Cloth Size Range: Array To Array

Height Range : ANY To Array

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