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he piece is titled ABATU, and it is a Dark Thriller about a young man, Cameron, who is seeking an end to his inner demons. Constantly comparing himself to others and seeking self-betterment, he decides to take his chance on a solution from a supernatural entity, The Madam who will be referred to as ‘it’. However, all is not as it seems as The Madam has dastardly intentions – Cameron ends up becoming something he is not.

We also require a male actor for a third role, The Nurse. We are seeking an actor who is shorter in height. The reason for this is as The Madam is a supernatural entity who is ‘superior’ to all of humanity. Thus we intend to emphasise its grandeur through its power in the frame.

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Role Details

Role No. 1

Role Title: The Nurse (background/Extra)

Role Description:


Although this is a non-speaking role – The Nurse serves one true, yet crucial purpose in The Madam’s world, which is to keep it (The Madam) alive. Since The Madam first sprouted, he has not left its side. He kneels on the soil from which The Madam protrudes, using an ancient watering can to nourish it with fresh water. Without The Madam, The Nurse serves no purpose in their realm. Likewise, without The Nurse, The Madam could not exist.

Muddied by a life in the soil, he worships The Madam with intent to serve until the end of his days. Self-actualised, he works with a joyful grin – yet to this date, he has never spoken in the presence of another, only in the face of anguish may he communicate with a fellow soul.
Ethnicity: Asian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Indigenous Peoples, Latino / Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, White / European Descent

Gender: MALE

Age Range: 35 To 100

Cloth Size Range: Array To Array

Height Range : ANY To Array

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