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Wanted Skilled Yoga Male For A TV Commerical

(Must be Height 5’9-6 ft)

We are working with a Production Company in London who are Producing a TV Commercial with a famous British Male TV personality.

In the Ad, this TV personality is performing advanced yoga postures such as the lotus and Firefly and King Pigeon and the Lord of the Dance.

However in real life, the TV personality cant do advanced yoga postures and we require a body double to stand in for him who will be performing these techniques

In the final ad we won’t see the Yoga experts face

The ad will be filming in London for one day on Thursday 3rd October

Rehearsal Day this Friday 27th September or in the coming week

Auidtion / Production Details

Role Details

Role No. 1

Role Title: Yoga Male For A TV Commerical

Role Description:

Yoga Male For A TV Commerical

(Must be Height 5\’9-6 ft)

Gender: MALE

Age Range: 18 To 50

Cloth Size Range: Array To Array

Height Range : 174 cm / 5ft 9in To Array

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Acclaimed Casting

Acclaimed Casting