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We are a boutique entertainment company located in New York, NY that specializes in artist development, marketing and management consulting. We are looking for acts with a fresh and new sound to bring to the next level.

We are looking for singers that sing soul/R&B/Pop with a fresh and new sound to develop and then shop for label deals, A&R’s, publishing and tour promotion. We’ve worked with Atlantic Records, Universal and Columbia Records to name a few.

All of our efforts are targeted at the creation and maintenance of long term mutually rewarding associations. We are ruthlessly direct and treat our clients as responsible adults who do not need to be fed platitudes and distortions. Our aim is developing and perfecting your image, brand, and more!

If you are interested in being shop to labels, A&R’s, publishing and etc, please contact us ASAP in we’ll set up an appointment. Submit with your music samples, contact information and full bio.

In closing we are looking for opportunities with an eye to the future (i.e signing/working with new talent). Payment will come from royalties. touring and all deals.

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Acclaimed Casting

Acclaimed Casting