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We are looking for a male actor, playing age 30-50 to read the role of Ignatius – our piece’s antagonist. He comes to clear the greenwaste from the greenhouse… but longs for more than he is given. A quickwitted, conniving piece of work, Ignatius offers bursts of high energy, information and pollution from the city outside.

Dystopian crisis rages outside a garden of Eden greenhouse. The girl grown there to save the world yearns for anything else. Guilt, repression and sense of self are explored in this hot-housed coming of age, experimental drama.

Commitment = reading in Canary Wharf September 11th + 3 full day rehearsals in the week prior.


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Role No. 1

Role Title: male actor, playing age 30-50

Role Description:

Gender: MALE

Age Range: 30 To 50

Cloth Size Range: Array To Array

Height Range : ANY To Array

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Acclaimed Casting