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Are you extremely close with your sister?
Do you live together, work together, travel together — literally do everything together? Have others considered your relationship ‘odd,’ ‘extreme,’ ‘unique,’ or ‘unusual?’
Do you look alike, act alike, and share everything?
Do family, friends, and significant others ever feel secondary to your super-close sisterly bond? Do you have larger-than-life personalities that are made for TV?
Seeking sister duos (and even trios or more!) If you have an incredibly close-knit and unique bond with your sister(s) we want to hear from you! Select candidates will be PAID for taking part in this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase your incredible sister story!

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Role No. 1

Role Title: Sisters

Role Description:

NOTE: Ideal live in the same city. Must be over 18 years old.

Gender: ANY

Age Range: 19 To 100

Cloth Size Range: ANY To ANY

Height Range : ANY To ANY

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Acclaimed Casting

Acclaimed Casting