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Seeking influencers to help promote a new NFT community networking website. Production states: “Our Influencers are vital to our success in spreading the word about such an incredible company. The Tubular Turtle army has arrived. We’ve got massive giveaways, (the top prize is $100,000, the runner-up prize is a Tesla Model three), ETH bonuses, and a MEGA Treasure Hunt hosted in the Hawaiian Islands. Our turtles are 100 percent hand-drawn and unique with over 220 different characteristics ensuring a fresh look for each turtle. We’re an NFT community passionate and focused on ocean repair and turtle preservation and we’ve partnered with leading conservation organizations across the world to sponsor and assist in beach clean-ups and preservation-based projects. An NFT that actually makes a Global difference. We’re looking to hire Influencers to help drive traffic to the website and you’ll be paid based on the number of followers you have on each social media account. We can also send you a Tubular Turtle NFT if you’re interested in this form of payment. The phase one drop will be in early February and the presale price is .05 ETH. Our roadmap displays the steps in giving back to the community, develops an owner reward program that’s extremely attractive, and sets up Tubular Turtle owners for year over year success. We’ve also put a side a batch of Tubular Turtle NFTs that can be minted directly to our Ambassadors and those who our Ambassadors are communicating with. If you or anyone in your community want to mint between 1-10 Turtle NFTs prior to the Phase 1 drop, please send us their ETH digital wallet address and we’ll add it to the site to allow them to mint.”

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