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We are casting for a brilliant new TV show

We are looking for families who live in the North-West to appear in the commercial and who are willing to have the filming take place in their house.

We are looking for real families, real people with character and personality. They are outgoing and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Ultimately our chosen families will be a diverse bunch reflective of modern Britain… it’s difference that make a family.

The campaign celebrates real families and all their glorious imperfections.

We are looking for diversities within families:

Specifically we are looking for the following

  • TWINS – Families with early teen twins (aged 12-15) who look alike / are identical
  • BREXIT/REMAIN – Looking for a family (maybe parents and grandparents) where one person voted Brexit and another voted remain.
  • CROSS DRESSER – Looking for a family where one person is a cross dresser – could be a parent cross dresser with a child who is proud or someone who cross dresses and is close to their parents.
  • HIJAB WEARER – Looking for a family with a stylish girl (aged 16-25) who wears a hijab.

It will be fully paid if you are successful.

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Acclaimed Casting

Acclaimed Casting