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We’re looking for 3 Female and 1 Male to star in an upcoming short film.

SYNOPSIS: The film is called “Doja’s Room.”In order to cope with past trauma, Doja created different manifestations in her mind. The film is about the process of healing in Doja’s mind as she battles for control with her creations.

Character Descriptions:

Doja. Female, early to mid 20s. At first, her presence is small, she is reserved and quiet. As she gets better, her presence and confidence grow.

Beauty Queen. Female. Anxious, vain, cares a lot about what people think about her. Blames herself. Driven by need for perfection. Fusses. Prone to lash out.

The Beauty Queen is a sort of manifestation of the side of Doja that is extremely self-conscious and anxious. She does not deal with stress very well and lashes out when attacked. She is vain, in that she determines her own self-worth and sense of self through her view of how people see her. Her body language is poised, but when she’s stressed, she bounces her leg and bites her nails.

Blue. Female. Depressed, despondent, sarcastic, apathetic, prone to isolation, hard to motivate, not very put together, bitter

Blue is a manifestation of Doja’s depression and vaguely mirrors how she was at rock bottom. Blue is… well, a mess.

Guardian. Male. Tough, righteous, protective, moral, driven by sense of duty

The Guardian is a manifestation of Doja’s defense mechanisms, the barrier between her and Blue and Beauty Queen. The Guardian fights Doja’s battles for her by isolating her from them. The Guardian loves Doja like an overprotective parent, unable to believe that she can live without them.

We are holding open auditions on the 28th and 30th of May, from 10pm.

Shooting Dates: 7th- 9th of June.

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Acclaimed Casting

Acclaimed Casting