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“Bullying in Primary School Years”
Looking for 9-16 year olds to talk about their experiences about bullying in primary school years.
This is for a TV advert for a well known building society supporting the anti bullying charity.
Looking for authentic, emotionally engaging stories. The subject matter is tough but sadly there is a lot of it happening and affecting individuals, families, and friendships.

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Role No. 1

Role Title: Bulling stories

Role Description:

Looking to find children of primary school age – 9 – 12 years old.
Older children 13-16 can be considered but must talk about bullying from when they were in primary school (not secondary school.)
The children can share a personal story about being bullied or may be share story about their sibling or friend, or about a child at school that they didn’t know but they knew was being bullied.
The stories of bullying do not have to have happened inside a school. It could happen on the local street/neighborhood, estate,

Gender: ANY

Age Range: 9 To 16

Cloth Size Range: ANY To ANY

Height Range : ANY To ANY

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Acclaimed Casting