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The Think Equal mission is to bring a strong foundation in social justice and social and emotional learning to the early years of every child.
Our latest iteration of our program is a TV series we are working on with UNICEF as a partner, consisting of 14×20 minute episodes each of which mediates a social and emotional learning theme to children aged 3 to 6.
Each episode has a host and a child working on exercises (songs, poems, art) and discussing the theme of that episode.

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Role Title: Participants

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We are looking for 14 children between the ages of three and eight, through each of whom we celebrate the diversity of children around the world.
We are particularly keen to include children who have special needs or are differently-abled; a child who uses sign language, for example, a child who has autism, a child who uses a mobility aid (eg a wheelchair or walking frame), a blind or partially sighted child, and children from all corners of the Earth and representing different cultures and religions also.

Gender: ANY

Age Range: 3 To 8

Cloth Size Range: ANY To ANY

Height Range : ANY To ANY

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Acclaimed Casting