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We are a group of students from the MA Filmmaking course of the University for the Creative Arts, in Farnham.
This is a period family drama, set in Victorian England (late 19th century). The story revolves around the young protagonist’s daily life and his relationship with his parents. He works silently every day, from morning until after sunset and thus contributing to the household. The short film will be characterized by minimal dialogue and slow pace, to reflect the slower passage of time in nineteenth-century daily life.

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White/Caucasian. The father is a man of about 40 years old, who tries to be a guide for his son. Through a few small gestures, he shows his affection for him. Despite the financial difficulties in which the family finds himself, he always tries to remain strong in front of his son and his wife. This role, like the others, includes minimal dialogue and a strongly natural acting, to give a greater sense of realism.

Gender: MALE

Age Range: 35 To 45

Cloth Size Range: ANY To ANY

Height Range : ANY To ANY

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