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# About acclaimed castings

At Acclaimed we strive for success for each and every one of our members, offering a personalized service designed to meet the needs of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to our wide portfolio of talent.

The two sisters and founders of Acclaimed have an extensive background both in front of the camera (starring in hit US and UK TV shows and modeling) as well as behind it (founding the largest children’s casting agency in the North of England). This gives Acclaimed a huge advantage when it comes to direct contact with Industry Professionals.

  • Sisters Kate & Brooke Laughton founders of Acclaimed.

Acclaimed Castings is supported and backed by many famous faces...

# What we get asked the most…

Who is Acclaimed Castings for?

Well in short, Acclaimed is for anyone within the entertainment industry… or wanting to be! Whether you’re a 60 year old actor with tons of experience, an aspiring presenter with little experience, dreaming of being the face of the next big reality TV show or an influencer wanting to work with brands- then Acclaimed is for you! It is an extremely diverse job platform delivering the newest positions across all entertainment sectors.

Do Acclaimed list paid jobs?

Yes- Most of the jobs that we list are paid- Cha-ching!

How is Corona affecting jobs in this industry?

Of course like all industries, the entertainment industry has been affected by the pandemic. However this is changing and improving every single day. Production companies have developed new and inventive ways to ensure they are able to go ahead- the show must go on!

Do I need experience to sign up to Acclaimed?

Not necessarily- It depends what kind of work you’re looking for. Acclaimed list a wide range of jobs which require all types of talent of all experience levels. For example, do you need experience as a reality tv star to do a reality tv show- of course not!

Can employers/casting directors view my profile?

Yes, not only that but they are instantly notified of your Acclaimed portfolio if it matches their job criteria.

Why is Acclaimed better than other similar industry job boards out there?

That’s simple- connections! The founders of Acclaimed have been in the industry for a combined 25 years, both behind and infront of the camera. Acclaimed have direct lines of contact with the biggest names in production meaning as soon as the position is available, it is on our website so putting you one step ahead of the competition. Your success is our success and we work tirelessly to source quality jobs to support and grow your dreams within the entertainment industry. At acclaimed, you are not just a number. Our Bespoke service means that we personally review and proof your portfolio and offer our industry advice (if needed) to ensure you stand the best chance of landing a position. Acclaimed also automatically email you as soon as we post a job that matches your talent and search criteria.

I’m a micro influencer- can Acclaimed help me find paid promotions?

At Acclaimed, we’re so excited to have extended our services to connect influencers and brands. We understand the importance of social media and see Influencers as extremely relevant and current talent who we are happy to represent.

Have Acclaimed members actually landed gigs?

Although Acclaimed is relatively new having only launched in 2019, over 800 of our members have already landed their dream position through our services and we couldn’t be happier for them!

How much is it to join Acclaimed?

As fellow creatives we understand the importance of protecting your pennies when trying to break in to the industry or secure your next position. That’s why we offer one of the lowest sign up fees on the market. At just $15 per month for our US members, 55 AED per month for our UAE members and £11 per month for our UK members. The subscription runs on a month to month basis.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Although we would hate to lose you from our community and ask our members to be patient and persistent, you can easily cancel your subscription through PayPal whenever you want!

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